about philosophy

After a decade of experience, we've developed a few ideas
about what works, what makes for a great product,
and how to build and optimize it.

Strategy & Analysis

Software should have a clearly defined goals, and success criteria, before development begins. A little time spent on clarity up front actually reduces cost, increases product/market fit, and often improves the product's user experience.

User Experience

Every project should begin by planning out the user experience. If software is difficult to use or understand, there's a good chance it won't get used. No instruction manuals, or time spent learning the system; it simply works!

Web 3.0 Technology
HTML5 changes everything. Say hello cross-domain AJAX, truly interactive online media, the semantic web, and event-driven architectures written entirely in JavaScript. Some mobile apps may even be better written using HTML5 and Javascript rather than natively for two seperate platforms. It's the beginning a new wave of innovation and we are passionately embracing these opportunities for our clients.

Lean Optimization
Good software is rarely 'done' with the release of the first version. More often than not, conversions and overall user engagement can be improved significantly by spending a little time testing variations of page layout and workflow and measuring results. We are advocates of the lean method of product development, and believers in the value of testing, analytics, and optimization.

Developing great software can be expensive. Some have tried outsourcing their projects but often at a cost of quality and communication. To solve these problems, we use hybrid-sourcing model in which all communication, planning, and team leadership is performed locally; only the actual production work is performed remotely. To ensure great quality, we work with senior engineers in the Eastern Europe, an area long known for attention excellence in science and engineering to ensure great quality. The result is a high quality product at a reasonable price.