about our process

Software development process brings order and efficiency. We are
practitioners of iterative methodology, balancing best-practices
of Agile development, with the real-world client constraints.

1. Discover - Engagement begins by listening to the client. We want to know your
goals and limitations for the project.

2. Define - We take what was learned during discovery and analyze the details
We create User experience artifacts such as Use Cases and a User Personas.

3. Design - Design is the first step of the production cycle. Designers are
engaged to determine all of the usability and aesthetic nuance.

4. Develop - The specifics of a development iteration are planned
out during the preceding design step, to ensure to the details
of this are ready to go.

5. Diligence - After the developers are satisfied everything is
functioning properly; the code is pushed to a separate testing
environment, and everyone tests the system objectively,
looking for errors.

6. Deploy - Upon approval from the client, the product exits
the production cycle and is ready to be deployed to the
production server(s).

7. Optimize - Is the product fully engaging users and maximizing
ROI? With Analytics instrumentation, it is possible to identify
issues such as conversion funnel bottlenecking and misdirected traffic.

Optimization is achieved through iterative experimentation and revision. Based on known usability and psychgraphic heuristics, we attempt
improvements to flow, content, and layout.

i. Build - Iteratively build and release updates, based on a hypothesis
of what will improve user engagement or conversions rates.

ii. Measure - Use A/B and multivariate tools as well as traditional
a nalytics tools, to observe changes in user behavior.

iii. Learn - Develop new hypothesis as to why previous build
suceeded failed and what revisions to make. Influenced by
known usability and conversion heuristics.