CityLogica local guides

CityLogica is a collection of 12 city guides that covers large and small cities across the Western United States. Some of the cities are tourist desintations while others are strictly local. The project began as an experiment, tp identify opportunities in the local markets. As small local businesses increasingly seek online visibility, there is a need for these merchants to attain local citations in authority directories.

It also is potentially an opportunity to generate leads for local sales professinals such as real estate agents. So, the project intentionally explored local markets of various profiles, attempting to see where the best opportunities could be found to break through. As such, the project has also served as an excellent testing ground for SEO projects; to see what is working and what is not. We have tried various optimization tactics such as SEO link building, social, and content marketing, using Citylogica as a platform. This knwoledge in turn informs our client work.