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After a decade of experience, we've developed a few ideas about what works, what makes for a great product, and how to build and optimize it.

ecommerce strategy

A successful engagement begins with clarity of goals. We help to clarify the target audience user which leads to a clear understanding of how an interface should behave, what the business rules and functional requirements should be. By surfacing all of this information at the beginning, the team can make better decisions, improving the quality and reducing time requirements for those activities.

ACTIVITES  Discovery | KPI Analysis | Technology Strategy

user exerience

user Experience
A user interface is made for humans to use software and fulfill a purpose. While visual aesthetics are always a goal, they are not what drive the success of a softwareproduct. Rather, we first look at efficient workflow, intuitive organization of information, and ability to achieve the stated purposewithout needing to open to an instruction manual. Software designed with usability in mind addresses these challenges first. Design aesthetics and fucntionality are applied on only after an effective interface architecture has been acheived.

ACTIVITES  Use Cases | Wireframing | Information Architecture


We specialize in developing custom web/mobile and eCommerce solutions (Magento). We build rich interactive interfaces, bespoke backend workflows to match your business, and integrate with the APIs of top data providers, ERPs and CRMs. We architect our solutions with accessability, SEO, and performance conidered from the first step. We are passionate about the evolution of Internet technology and the opportunity to create truly great online software, today more than ever.

ACTIVITES  Ecommerce | Web/Mobile Apps | Integrations


Tuning a web application for increased conversions and user engagement begins initial launch. With properly stated goals and KPIs, it is often possible to improve product/market fit for new software products and to increase conversions (sales/signups) by double or even triple digits for ecommerce applications. By following principles of the Lean Method and using behavioral analytics, A/B testing, and user discovery sessions - you'd be surprised just what you can accomplished by focusing a little attention on the details.

ACTIVITES  Analytics | Heuristic Research | A/B Testing