Solutions Content Management Systems

Content management is the backbone of any web publishing effort. A good CMS provides publishers with the tools needed to manage content in a way that models their business, not the other way around.

Custom Integrations

Many of the more sophisticated CMS installations require integration with existing systems that may already be controlling certain types of data, for other departments within the organization. Enlogica and work with clients to identify these needs and develop customized widgets and modules that cleanly integrate your legacy systems, with powerful off-the-shelf CMS systems.

Search Optimization

Key to any online content publishing effort, is ensuring the content is prepared well for search engine rankings (SEO). We are well-versed in all aspects of SEO and related activities such as on-page optimization, semantic markup (RDFa,, and other related interface-optimization techniques.

Custom Solutions

Every now and again, there is a project that truly benefits from its own custom CMS solution. In such cases, we leverage the popular Django framework, which provides a lower-level application framework from which to build customized CMS solutions. Originally developed by a news organization to manage it's own specific CMS needs, Django provides a tremendous advantage for custom solutions by commbining the power of existing CMS building blogs, with the flexibility of an open development framework.

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