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The use of mobile devices has exploded in recent years and every brand with an online presence needs to have an online strategy. We can help define your mobile strategy and implement your solution.

Mobile Web

Your website needs to be optimally accessible from mobile devices. Most devices can load a traditional website, but bandwidth and screen size are both limited so the user experience is poor and engagement is low. Ideally, your site should detect the device and adapt accordingly. Fewer heavy images, less navigation, and more to the point is the goal. It's all part of what we do!

Mobile Apps

A native mobile application for Apple's iOS or Google's Android platform can provide a rich user experience that is perfect for games and highly interactive applications. If you 're looking to develop an app to be placed in Apple or Google's App stores, this is the option you're looking for. It is however possible using HTML5 and mobile optimized Javascript, to accomplish much of the same experience for a lot lower cost. A lot depends on your goals and the nature of the app.

If you're ready to plan your mobile strategy, contact us and we'll provide a proposal specific to your business.

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