Solutions Web Applications (SaaS)

We have experience developing software as a service (SaaS) web applications. We are passionate about Lean methodology and work closely with clients to discover, develop and refine the product.

Product Strategy

Enlogica can partner with you to provide greater perspective and information to the development of your Software as a Service business. The founders of Enlogica come from a background of technology entrepreneurship and can lend experience and knowledge to yo the planning of your new online offering.


With Software as Service (SaaS) web applications, your software is your product. Quality code is important but so is taking a lean approach and finding product-market fit. Enlogica is well-versed in developing and maintaining quality applications, as well as the entrepreneurial process. We can help find that balance between the technology and entrepreneurial prerogatives, to successfully deliver your web application.

Engagement Optimization

Are you engaging your users and effectively monetizing your application? Enlogica is skilled in the practices of analytics-driven optimization. We employ techniques such as A/B and Multivariate (MVT) testing, to systematically discover and implement opportunities to maximize revenue per customer. We are also skilled in email/drip marketing and can help augment the overall lifetime customer value.

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